Trip no 4 Around the mountain

We ride around the mountain Helgafell. You will see the beautiful mountain from all sides and how it takes on various forms. This ride gives you a unique opportunity for a true authentic experience.

Ride for experienced riders/Riding time 3 hours/price from 30.000 with VAT

During this trip you will get a good opportunity to get to know the Icelandic horse and see how the countryside and the city meet at the mountains feet.

The ride is very interesting, we ride from Akrar,  towards Mosfellsbær through beautiful landscape and with mountain view all around. We will ride next to the river Varmá, and then pass the local horse stable community. After that we will ride next to the river Kaldakvísl which runs through a beautiful canyon and follow it into Mosfellsvalley where we will cross the river to get into Skammidalur and finish our ride around the mountain.

During the ride we will go around Helgafell mountain that was formatted during the ice age. The surroundings are beautiful and during the ride we will share stories about the surrounding area, folklore, legends and ethnography.

The riding takes around 3,5-4 hours.

Experience needed: This trip suits only riders with experience. 

Price from 30.000isk*

*Two or more guest arriving on own

Also a shorter version is available that takes around 2 hours – price  22.500isk