Trip no 2 Hafravatn lake

Ride trough historical grounds where the second world war met self-sufficiently framing in the land of elfs and trolls.

Suits: Moderate-experienced riders/riding time: 2 hours/price from 22500 with VAT

We ride from Akrar and towards Hafravatn lake, trough remains of war and self-sufficiency farming.

During this trip you will be able to see the beautiful lake Hafravatn, the surround area was an important military spot during the WW II and some believe that a lot of military equipment is to be found at the bottom of the lake.

It can be said that the WW II ended an area in Icelandic history that was characterized by self-sufficiency farming. On our trip we’ll see the remains of a farm that could not compete with the new area that took place after the WW II.

The trip takes around two hours. We recommend this trip as a midnight tour especially during the summer as it gives a unique opportunity to experience the beautiful and bright Icelandic summer night.

Experience needed: This trip suits moderate riders and confident beginners

Price per person:Arrive on ownPick up from capital area
Single rider 3500060000
Two or more riders2250035500

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