Trip no. 6, Meeting the Icelandic horse

Trip no. 6, Meeting the Icelandic horse

Are you looking for a opportunity to meet the Icelandic horse and get to know its brilliant character? Would you like to try sitting on a horseback it but don’t feel like going for ride?

No experience needed/duration 30min/ price 7000 with VAT

We offer you to come to Akurholt and meet our horses and if you like try to ride with in a fence. This can be a good opportunity for families that want to introduce the horse and riding to their children.

Are you afraid of horses or horse riding but want to give it a try?

We offer you a special moment with the Icelandic horse where you will be introduced to its special characteristics and calmness. We welcome you for a visit where you can come to the farm, meet the horses and get some positive experience with the Icelandic horse and if you feel secure and would like try sitting on a horseback in the fence, we can assist you. Please contact us for more information at

No experience needed.

Price: 7000 ISK.