Trip no 3, Mosfellsdalur

Suits: Experienced riders/riding time 2,5- 3 hours/price from 26.000 with VAT

We will ride north from Akrar into Skammidalur and into Mosfellsdalur, a beautiful valley that was the home of our only Noble prize winner, Halldor Laxness. Maybe the beautiful nature will be an inspiration to you as well.

This tour is around three hours long and suits best those with some previous experice.  On the way you will get good opportunities to admire the scenery while spending time with our friendly horses and get the chance to try different gaits as well as riding over different terrain. We will go up and down and some step hill and cross rivers on the way. This tour will give you the opurtunity to really get to know the Icelandic horse and explore the environment that has shaped him into what he is to day.

Experience needed: This trip suits moderate riders and confident beginners.

Price per personArrive on ownPick up from capital area
Single rider 4000060000
Two or more riders2600040000

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