Safety and general information

Saftey is very important in our trips

Our horses are used to strangers, they are well trained and are pleased to work with you.  Please keep in mind that even though we take every safety precaution, riding is at your own risk.

When traveling with Icelandic Riding your security and comfort is our priority. Before starting a riding tour you will get a helmet and if the weather calls for it you will be provided with necessary gear (rain jacktes, warm sweater e.g. ) In dry weather sneakers are fine, but please bring more suitable footwear if it is raining.

Note: Backpacks and big cameras are not suitable for horse riding.

Please keep in mind that it is not legal to bring used horse clothes or riding gear to Iceland.

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Our horses are used to strangers, they are well trained and are pleased to work with you. But please do remember that they need to be treated with respect and kindness. We understand that many of our riders are not used to the Icelandic horse, therefore we will give you time to get to know the horse and start at a slowly phase and go through all the basics before we start our riding tour. There are always at least two guides with every group to ensure your safety.

Please keep in mind that even though we take every safety precaution, riding is at your own risk. Age limit in our tours is 12* years. Pregnant women can unfortunately not ride with us and we would like to be informed if you have any health problems.

Weight limit is 110 kg

It is forbidden to be under the influence of alcohol or intoxicating drugs while going on a riding tour with Riding in Reykjavik.


How to get here?

We are located at Akrar 2, mosfellsbær 271, Iceland

From downtown Reykjavík

The easiest way is to take bus no 15 from Hlemmur(or other downtown stops, go to to find the one nearest to you) And take the bus all the way to its end station, there we are only 210 meters away). The endstation is called Reykjavegur.

If you are driving from Reykjavík downtown:

Get to road nr 49 (Vesturlandsvegur/Þjóðvegur 1/mainroad 1) and follow it to mosfellsbær ca 13,1 km

You will drive through 4 roundabouts, always go out on the second exit, keeping on the road nr 49/main road 1

On the fifth roundabout take the fist exit on to road 431, on the roundabout take the second exit to stay on road 431. In 1,2 km turn right to stay on road 431.

In 1,6 km turn right into Hafravatnsvegur (road 431)

In 620m turn left and then drive straight to the stable (300m)


If you are unsure, please just contact us and we will help you find us!

Pick up can be arranged with in the Capital area.


Good things to keep in mind around horses:

Horses are living creatures with different personalities. They are as different as they are many and can have good days and bad, just like humans. Horses have good memory and should always be treated with respect. They can be easily scared and their instinct if they are hurt or afraid is to run. The horse needs to trust you as a rider to truly relax and have the will to work with you. Therefore treat it accordingly.

Speak and move calmly in the presence of horses. It is good to talk to the horse to let him get used to you and your voice.

Let the horse know where you are. It is better to approach the horse from the side then walking directly to the front or back. It’s good to put your hand on the back of the horse when moving around it.

Don’t pull the reins if its not necessary. Many riders look for their balance through the reins but it can hurt the horse if you constantly pull it. Try to find the balance by sitting deep in the saddle and if need be you can take a hold on the saddle or grip the mane.

The horses are living animals, they can get afraid and the rider needs to be prepared for that, even though he’s riding a well trained horse.

Remember, yelling and shouting can stress or frightened the horse. When horses get afraid they might want to run away.  

After horse riding thank your horse for the trip, pet it and be friendly.

If you have any question please feel free to contact us through