Trip no 1 Akrar and surrounding area

Feel the new and old time face each other on this spectacular ride at the border of the city and the country side – just at the foot of the mountains.

Suits: Beginners/riding time: 1hour*/price from: 17500 with VAT

We will start at Akrar and ride to Skammidalur. There you will have a beautiful view of the mountains and the ocean if  the weather is clear. We will see mount Esja,  and ride at the foot of mount Helgafell, mount Æsustaðafell and Reykjafell with a view of Úlfarsfell mountain.

During the tour you will get the chance to experience the unique characteristics of the Icelandic horse. With out these amazing horses life in Icelandic would have been much more difficult and possibly impossible. Icelanders have often had to rely on the horses to be surefooted enough to cross mountains and rivers and that they could navigate in long trips between scattered settlements of Iceland in all kinds of weather and harsh and unforgiving nature.

On our ride you will get a very good view of Mosfellsbær,  Reykjavík and surrounding area.

This trip takes about one hour.

Experience needed: This trip suits beginners and more experienced riders alike.


Arrive on ownPickup from capital area
Single rider2500045000
Two or more riders1750027500