The trips

We offer a good selection of trips for beginners and experienced riders alike. We specialise in private tours, to ensure that you’ll get the most out of your ride.

At Icelandic riding you will get a true authentic experience while riding in Reykjavík at the city borders.  The area has a lot of history and as been inhabited since Iceland was founded. Our guides are enthusiastic about the Icelandic horse, history, folklore and ethnography.

Our tours are private for you and your group, that way we feel like we can offer you full attention and customises the riding to give you the best experience while riding in Iceland.

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Tour no 1 Akrar and surrounding area

Feel the new and old time face each other on this spectacular ride at the border of the city and the country side – just at the foot of the mountains.

Price from 17.500isk

Riding time: roughly 1 hour.

Tour no 2 Hafravatn lake

Ride trough historical grounds where the second world war met self-sufficiently framing in the land of elfs and trolls.

Price from 21.000isk

Riding time: 1,5 -2 hours

Tour no 3, Mosfellsdalur

We will into Mosfellsdalur, a beautiful valley that was the home of our only Noble prize winner, Halldor Laxness. Maybe the beautiful nature will be an inspiration to you as well.

Price from 26.000isk

Riding time: 3 hours

Tour no 4, Around the mountain

We ride around the mountain Helgafell. You will see the beautiful mountain from all sides and how it takes on various forms. This ride gives you a unique opportunity for a true authentic experience.

Price from 27.000isk

Riding time: 4 hours