Trip no 3, Thormodsdalur

Suits: Experienced riders/Riding time 2,5- 3 hours/price from 23.000 with VAT

We ride east from Akrar and along Hafravatn lake, before heading to Thormodsdale and then to  Langavatn heath, for a speed date with elf’s, the hidden people and with ghosts.

This riding route is very beautiful especially in the evening and during the night. It is very quiet and you get in good connection with the nature. You will see the beautiful lake Hafravatn and then we will head to the heath. There are the habitats of elves and hidden people and a known elf home will be pointed out.

This area has lots of history, there used to be lot of farming in the area as well as important routs. But weather and nature can be quite unpredictable here in Iceland. Therefore it was not uncommon for people do get lost and sometimes not even the remains were found.

In Thormodsdale, Icelanders have search for gold – maybe you will see something while we cross the river…

The trip takes two and a half hour to three hours.  We recommend this trip as a midnight tour especially during the summer as it gives a unique opportunity to experience the beautiful and bright Icelandic summer night.

Experience needed: This trip suits experienced riders.