About us

Icelandic riding is a small family business. We specialise in private horse riding tours for beginners and advanced riders alike.

Icelandic riding (reidtur.is) is located at Akrar in Mosfellsbær, were our family and ancestors have lived for over 100 years. Our tiny horse rental is a small family business, where we hope to deliver authentic experience and make our guests feel like home. Our trips are informative, fun and specially designed for those who want to get to know the Icelandic horse, its history and get touch of Iceland´s exceptional nature.

Our family consists of Jónína Sif – who guides most of the tours and takes care of the business site of the horse rental as well as every day work and training of the horses, Ólafur – who grew up on Akrar and mostly takes care of fences and tractor related work around the farm but is not very often seen on horseback and our children Anna Louisa who is already a great help around the farm and Patrekur Tumi that already shows interests in the horses. We could though never do all this with out the help of Óli’s parents. Our our wonderful guide Linnea.

The horse rental opened in 2014 and since then we have been extremely lucky with all the wonderful guests we have met and the friendship that we have made. We are so thankful that we can share this wonderful place right at the city borders with our guests and allow others to experience authentic riding in Iceland. Our goal has always been to keep the business small and personal and be able to care well for our horses.

We offer a good selection of trips both for beginners and experienced riders alike. We put a special effort in offering private tours, as we believe that it gives more unique experience. Please take a look at our selection here.